The Shop

This is where the magic happens!  Located at 1404 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, California, just two blocks south of Gilman Street, the shop is a welcoming space, where visitors are welcome to linger, and they often do–perusing the shelves of mountain climbing books, watching Tom work, or chatting with other visitors.

Walking by the large plate glass windows, you might see Tom operating a gold-leaf-painted Singer sewing machine from the 1950s or hand-stitching a shoe welt.  In addition to several sewing machines, a few other machines from the mid-20th century are still providing useful service after more than 50 years.  A collection of well-used hand tools hangs from the wall above a workbench.  Shoe lasts line shelves and hang from the ceiling.

Examples of the shoes and sandals are on view, along with displays of the process of shoemaking.  You can often see a shoe in mid-construction on one of the workshop benches.

Within easy reach of the seating area are several bookshelves full of books about mountains and mountain climbing, attesting to one of Tom’s loves that could be said to have started his journey to shoe-making.  A variety of musical instruments dot the shop walls and floors.  In fact, you might catch Tom taking a break from the shoes to play some blues or rock guitar at any time.

The first step to having your new shoes made is coming into the shop.